Getting started with the app and the community code

Step 1

Have you received a community code? Great! With this community code you can create an account in the right community so you can start earning Fitcoins with your colleagues, friends, or acquaintances. You can start right away by downloading the app in step 2 on this page.

Don’t have a community code? Please contact us using the contact form below so we can provide you with the correct community code. Is your company or organization already participating, but you didn’t receive a code? Please first contact the appropriate It’s My Life / FitCoin Ambassador at your company.

I would like to receive a community code!

    Step 2
    Have you downloaded the app? Great! Haven’t downloaded the app yet?
    download the It’s My Life/Fitcoin-App from here

    or scan the QR code.

    When registering, enter your community code so that you can use the corresponding offer.

    Step 3
    Have Fun!

    Do you still have questions? Then please contact support at 0800 400 22 12